A Perfect Winter Saturday

I know my last post was about other activities to keep you busy during the winter but this saturday I got a chance to fish by myself.  It was a nice day in the mid 30s but fortunately no wind or snow. This meant bundling up would be enough to keep warm, and I even got a little sunshine to help the cause. I head to the east branch of the croton river, which is a great winter fishing option for a handful of reasons. 1) its one of the only rivers in the area open year round. 2) its an pretty easy river to access, can park and hiking is pretty easy. If you live in the city you can actually take the train and walk from the Metro North.

I started all the way up river and worked my way down to the famed Phoebe hole,  This is a great spot where I have had a lot of success in the path. There have been a bunch of new trees that have fallen and really carved up the river making some of the spots a little tight to fish in. I tried a bunch of fishy spots but nothing going.

So I moved down to the Trestle pool which is one of this rivers most productive spots. Sadly for me there were a few guys fishing upstream of the bridge where I usually spend a good amount of time so I moved to the far end of the pool and worked back up towards the bridge. This section can be tricky, its fairly deep and there is a ton of tree cover so getting into position to cast and get a good drift is a challenge. I managed to finally get a handful of good drifts out by a boulder in the middle of the stream and picked up two nice trout. I was using a nymph setup with a killer bug and a small (size 20) black stone under an indicator. Both were pretty good size fish for this stream (11, and 13 inches) and the bigger one was thick. Both put a pretty good fight and were safely released. The only downside of the day was by about 3pm being outside for a few hours had set in and as the sun started to set it got real cold.

Tight Lines



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