What time of year do you run trips? We run trips all year, even in the winter. The only limiting factor is some streams are closed during the winter.
Do I need a license? Yes, you need a NY State fishing license. They can be purchased on the State Website
What time do you start? Normally we would start the day around 7am, but we can be flexible Normally we just want to avoid the peak sun since usually the fishing is the slowest.
What should I bring? We reccomend the following: Waders (stocking foot with boots are the best), Fly Rod (reccomend a 4 or 5 wt) a selection of flies (you can work with me on what to bring in advance, plus I will have a lot to share), Polarized Sun glasses, a hat,sun screen, a water bottle, appropriate clothing (layers are your friend)
How old should you be? We are happy to support people of all ages, however keep in mind that fly fishing will require wading which is potentially dangerous. Also the person needs to be able spend a couple hours on their feet. We can discuss if you have a certain situation and aren't sure
How can I contact you? Please fill out the form on the services page or email us at learntoflyfishnyc@gmail.com