Great season opener

Hey all

While the weather hasn’t quite taken the turn that I was hoping, the trout season has officially opened so its time to get out there. I was able to get out to the Ken Lockwood Gorge in NJ to fish the Raritan river this weekend with some clients. The water level was still a little high, but the flows had come down considerably and made the conditions a lot easier to fish. There were even a few hatches that took place during the day, didn’t see any fish feeding on top, but the midge action below the surface was pretty good. We were able to get net a few nice rainbows, and had a couple others break off before we could get to the net.

With the flows being still very fast the trout have an advantage of being able to take off downstream with eh strong flow and if you can’t get them into slower water the fight and be very tough to land.

Trips are booking up, so if you are interested reach out soon before the season gets too far along

Tight Lines

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