River Flows

So, this past weekend we had some decently warm dry weather in the 40s here in NY. I was super excited to get out and fish after a few weeks of brutal cold and ice. So I got in my car and drove out to the river, got all geared up and then I looked at the water…..  It was so high and moving pretty fast compared to the normal levels. This is a stream that is fed from a large reservoir and with all the ice melting that water was flowing through the dam.


Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second


This image above show the craziness of the flows. Typically 100-175 CFS is pretty good for fishing, but when you start to get close to 200 and the water level being over a foot higher than average it just becomes real tough to fish.


Lots of guys were out that day, and I didn’t see a single one catch anything. So moral to the store check the USGS flows before getting all your gear on. In my book just being outside for the day was worth it but was really hoping to catch a few trout.

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