Something other than Trout

Been a few days since my last post. Was on vacation and actually spent some time fishing down the shore in south Jersey. Had a good week of doing a little fly fishing but mostly spin fishing from my boat and some piers both in the ocean and the bay. Lots of kingfish, some flounder and a nice 26 in striper (sadly just 2 inches short of a keeper) that put up a hell of a fight.

As much as I love trout fishing I feel you improve your angling skills by getting out and learning other fishing disciplines. Plus with the heat and lack of rain we have had in the area some of the trout fishing might be a little slow/dangerous for the trout (trout have a hard time when the water gets too warm due to lack of oxygen and catching them can be too much for them, even if you release quickly).

After a week away, looking forward to getting back out there and will hopefully land some nice trout in the next few weeks.


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